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Alyce Kaprow       David Backer

Alyce Kaprow

David Backer

Alyce Kaprow, principal of the new studio, is a consultant to developers and users of graphic interface-interaction design and applications in interactive new-media. Her work includes system design, functionality specification and user interface/interaction design. Additionally, her research specializes in cross-media and multimedia opportunities for the graphics arts industries and applications and equipment specification for graphic designers/artists and print production specialists. Current research in this area includes a study for the International Prepress Association on "Opportunities in Cross-Media and New-Media Applications".

Ms Kaprow has worked as a designer, a professional photographer; and a teacher of photography, design, media technology and computer graphics for over twenty years. She has lectured extensively at many conferences and workshops throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe, and is a contributing editor to various publications.

Ms Kaprow's design, photography, and illustration have appeared in numerous shows and publications both nationally and internationally. She has written on a wide range of subjects within the art/design/computer graphics applications areas, including two text books: Digital Halftone Technology and A Graphics Arts Production Primer, and has written and edited two additional texts on new media applications for art and design and issues on user interface design.

As curator of the Designing Technology show at the 1993 SIGGRAPH conference, she presented work focusing on a study of collaborative, multi-disciplinary work-teams for product development and on the contributions that industrial, graphic and interface designers bring to that effort.

Ms Kaprow received a BFA in Design (Industrial Design and Information Graphics) from Syracuse University, an MFA in Photography from the California Institute of the Arts, and Certificate Degrees from the Agfa-Gevaret Technikum and the Linhof Institute, both in Munich, Germany. She did post-graduate research in computer graphics and media technologies at the Visible Language Workshop, MIT (now part of the MIT Media Lab).

David Backer, PhD, has been involved in the field of interactive multimedia for over twenty-five years, and is now a principal and Chief Technology Officer with the new studio in the development of web applications and custom software. He has participated in the development of software and content for award-winning multimedia products, has spoken at many conferences about multimedia, and has written about the industry.

He was formerly the Director of the International Thomson Publishing Multimedia Consortium, and a member of the ITP Internet task force which created Thomson's corporate presence on the Internet. Before that he was a founder and Vice President of Engineering at Fluent Machines Inc., and managed software development as Director of Videodisc Systems at Mirror Systems Inc., a subsidiary of the Times Mirror company.

He is one of the first three graduates of the Doctoral program at the MIT Media Laboratory. He holds an MS in Computer and Information Science from UMASS, Amherst, where he taught computer graphics in the Department of Fine Arts with Prof. Robert Mallary, and he also holds a BS in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis.

David contributed to Multimedia Systems, edited by John Kogel Buford, published by ACM Press and Addison Wesley.